Best Gloves for CrossFit

We all know without the right tools, you can’t perform at your best. CrossFit is a highly demanding competitive sport and workout regimen and having the right equipment could be the difference between hitting a personal best or not. This includes selecting the right pair of gloves for your personal mechanics and comfort. Your hands and wrists are your connections to the bar, your stabilizers during planks and pushups and more, and should be protected during strenuous workouts.

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The challenge is that there are so many types to choose from – full fingered, callus guard, wrist guard and half fingered.

The most important consideration when choosing gloves is fit.  

lady jumping on box with gloves on

When ordering online simply measure your hand (the circumference of your palm) to determine what size to order.

If you are in need of wrist support, look for gloves specifically made for that function; a glove that simply has a large wrist band does not mean it will adequately support and stabilize wrist movement.
Be careful when selecting the material of your gloves; slick nylon or other smooth materials can compromise your grip in some barbell lifts.
Look for silicone or other built-in material to help or enhance your natural grip.

Padding is often offered and may be desirable depending on your personal needs.

Still not sure where to start?

Check out five of our best gloves for CrossFit:

Performance Grip - BionicFull Finger – Enhance whole hand performance with the Bionic PerformanceGrip Gloves. Full finger, full performance, this all-around glove protects against dirt and germs and employs special technology to increase grip, movement and prevent wear or injury to skin. Extra wrist support is provided by the Lite-Prene wrist closure. Manage sweat with the specialized towel-like thumb material.

Meister Women's Fit Grip Weight Lifting GlovesBest for Women – While ladies of CrossFit can certainly keep up with the men during WODs, their mechanics and sizing are often different. Enter the Meister Women’s Fit Grips.
Specially designed to fit a women’s hands, this glove has padding to protect hands and no-slip grip material on the palm. Tabs enable easy on and off, and the fingerless construction ensures free movement. These gloves are made of breathable material (synthetic leather) that is designed to be washable.

Callus Guard GlovesCallus GuardThe Gripper Glove
This is a glove that emphasizes no-slip grip and maximum mobility. The form-fitting four-finger design protects against calluses while also providing skin-tight fit and enhanced grip for completing those tough WODs. The palm side of the glove is specially designed with hexagonal silicone shapes for flexibility and maximum grip. It is not best for Olympic lifting applications but will help you power through kettlebell, pull-up, rope-climbing and ring workouts.

Mava GlovesWrist Guard – The Mava Sports Glove offers a built-in wrist wrap as well as palm coverage for enhanced grip and protection against wear on hands. Velcro fittings ensure gloves will not slip or move on hands. The open design allows optimal movement of your palm and fingers. The wrist wraps are designed specifically for weightlifting applications and will stabilize wrists under heavy load.

1/2 Finger Gloves from BionicBest Value – The Bionic 1/2 Finger Gloves are an excellent glove that offers all-around functionality for your toughest WODs. Fingertips are free for mobility while the rest of the hand is protected. Grip is enhanced with novel palm pad technology, and a specialized wrist band supports wrist motion. Patented finger design enables maximum mobility.

Final Word

Yes there are a bewildering number of styles of gloves. Rather then have a massive list, our goal is to save you time and money by showing you which ones have the best reviews in each category. From this selection and in combination with the types of workouts you prefer I trust you will end up with a terrific choice.

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Why you should wear gloves for Crossfit

Many Crossfitters will tell you that gloves aren’t necessary, and can even be harmful, when doing Crossfit. They say, “it is important to build up calluses on your hands to help toughen them, and gloves can interfere with this process”.

However, calluses don’t guarantee your hands will be better off.

It’s easy for calluses – especially if you haven’t been trimming them properly – to catch on mats and equipment and rip open, pulling away healthy skin with them. Some Crossfitters recommend using chalk to improve your grip where necessary, but chalk also dries your skin and makes calluses more likely to tear. While you might want to just shrug it off — “no pain, no gain,” right?.

Here are some reasons you might want to wear gloves, no matter how tough your hands are.

Damaged hands interfere with your workout. Once you’ve injured your hand, you just won’t be able to go as hard as you could until your hand heals. What’s the point of ripping your hand and looking tough if it means you have to work at lower intensity for a while after that?

Damaged hands may look cool in the gym, but they’re not so good outside. There are many jobs where having cut or ripped hands can get you in trouble — health care, food service, law enforcement, and more. And even if you don’t work in one of those, having visible cuts on your hands is not something that makes the best first impression in business meetings or on dates.

Gloves are more convenient than chalk. If you’re in a large, busy box, you might have to wait your turn to get at the chalk, and the time you spend waiting is time you could be using to work.

Gloves protect you from infections. While hopefully your box staff and your fellow Crossfitters do what they can to keep equipment and surfaces clean, gyms are still a place where a lot of people get together and leave body fluids all over. It’s easy to get nasty infections, including staph and MRSA, from contaminated equipment — especially if you have open wounds on your hands.

Gloves don’t have to spoil your grip. While many Crossfitters will tell you that gloves just get in the way of a strong grip, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many different types of gloves available, including many designed with Crossfit in mind. Do some shopping and you may well find the perfect pair of gloves for you.