Best Jump Ropes for Crossfit

Are you using the right one for your needs?

High performance athletes who need strength, coordination, agility and endurance have known for decades this simple piece of equipment is the bomb.

It is for this reason skipping is a mainstay of WODs in CrossFit – using this simple – yet incredibly effective piece of equipment.

Picture Man SkippingBang for buck it is without rival – the trick is to select one for your needs.

The technology of jump ropes has improved dramatically in recent years and you can now benefit significantly simply by having a rope that matches your ability or favourite WOD.

By the way, in this article there are affiliate links where I get paid should you buy something. 

Best For Budget/ Beginners

Most beginners come into the store I work at without any idea of the bewildering range of ropes available for CrossFitters.

It can be frustrating to decide.

Ultimately though the key goal for any beginner to any sport should be ease of use, affordability and effectiveness.

  1. Ease of Use: If you can look like you have been skipping daily since you were 3 years old – thats a good thing. The alternative, from experience … actually I don’t want to talk about it if that’s OK.
  2. Affordability: My thinking is that if you do pull the trigger on what could fast become your favourite – most effective work out tool then thats a great thing! (If budget is not a consideration I would still recommend a more affordable rope because you can soon spend more on an advanced model when you figure out the type of workout you most enjoy and want to benefit from – see below)
  3. Effectiveness: Refer to the first two points. Seriously, if you get the first two points right – sweet workouts follow pretty naturally!

For the cost of two fancy coffees hard to go past the Starwood Sports Jump Rope. (Beware of imitations) This is a highly rated rope you can adjust the length of the cable, it comes with a storage bag and it even has stainless ball bearings to keep your workouts firing.

Best For Double Unders

Those looking be able to skip easily and then move up to the next level and rock those double unders will want to consider the Redd Impact Speed Jump Rope from ReddBrickHouse. This rope more than justifies its slightly higher price tag by providing higher quality model in nearly every respect but the best part is you getting two ropes for the price of one.

The rope comes with two cables – A 4mm and a 2.5mm PVC coated cable.

The 2.5mm cable is best for speed (double unders) while the the 4mm cable works better for beginners or if you want to incorporate cardio work that requires more stability for endurance.

Even the red cables look fast!

Hot Tip: As discussed in the video use the same rope for consistency to do your double unders easily.

Best For Flexibility and Comfort

Lets assume you and your better half both want to use the same rope, or perhaps you are worried you might grow a bit more – if only.

Engineered with slight weighted handles, the Helios speed rope will do well for double unders but also has the ability to be adjusted on the fly.

CrossFitters love the handle comfort and and frictionless operation.

Note: If you are regularly changing the length of the rope, it can be very helpful to use a marker so that you can quickly change the rope back to your exact length each time


Want style and function?

Aluminum handles look the business and you can be sure last way beyond their foamy counterparts. Many users find that once they’ve moved up to the build quality of an aluminum model jump rope, they simply can’t go back. That’s usually the case with those that try this aluminum model from Bear KompleX, which distinguishes itself through both a superior visual design and thin rope material that is perfect for speed and CrossFit. This is certainly a model to consider for those who value style as much as function.