A CrossFit Life (About Us)

As a manager at a sporting goods store and a lifelong enthusiast of athletics, I know a lot about fitness…or at least I thought I did until I started CrossFit. That was a whole new physical education.

I’ve found CrossFit as not only a great way to stay in shape, but a good platform for making new friends and an overall improvement in my quality of life. After a few years in the box, I consider myself experienced with CrossFit, and since it seems to be the hottest new way to get the most out of your body, I started this site with the hopes of informing practitioners of all skill levels how to get started, get results, get them anywhere, and most importantly, not get hurt getting these things.

The majority of CrossFit injuries occur in the foot area, so you might not think twice about wearing your basketball sneakers to run or playing a little pickup football in running sneakers, but you don’t want to bring that attitude to the box. I found out the hard way how important the right shoes were back when I first started CrossFit. Against the warnings from the older lions in the gym, I jumped right into it with my old cross-trainers. I was getting a great workout in the first couple of weeks and felt all the familiar soreness that comes with the territory of a new workout routine, only there was one more this time around: shooting pains in my lower leg for days after a session.

At first I just chalked it up to my body not being familiar with the motions involved…after all, the entire point of CrossFit is to keep your body from falling into a comfort zone…but after about a month, the pain became so bad I couldn’t walk without a hilarious limp which my buddies were faithful about pointing out, and they started lasting longer than the weekend. I decided to make one of my rare trips to the doctor, who told me that I had stress fractures along the length of my shin and that I should barely be standing, let alone training.

It wasn’t the end of the world, but it was close. For a month (well, that’s what the doc told me to do, it was closer to two and a half weeks) my only workout was carrying bags of ice up the stairs to rehab my busted-up shins. I had to call out of work for a week, couldn’t even think about a session…I even had to cancel a date with a brunette that came in looking for yoga pants and left with my number in them. She doesn’t answer my calls because she thinks I stood her up. Sucks, right?

I don’t want to bore you with my personal life here, but the moral of the story is that the wrong shoes could impact a lot more than your workout. That was my first humbling lesson in the ways of CrossFit, but since then I’ve gotten enough benefits from the lifestyle to more than make up for that disaster…including another brunette. In any event, this site exists in an effort to help others reach their CrossFit goals without following in my painful, painful footsteps. Learn and burn!